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"Electronic Voting: a threat to our democracy"

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What is Bit Torrent?

When you open the .torrent file in your bit torrent client of choice (mine is Azureus), and it downloads, as it is downloading, you are AUTOMATICALLY uploading to everybody else that is downloading the file, so, the more people that participate, the faster the downloads become. It's an excellent way to share bandwidth and download very large files (disc images) at the maximum bandwidth possible.

More info about bit torrent technology.

After you've finished downloading, leave your bit torrent window open, so others can DL from you!

On Macintosh, you can use Roxio's Toast or Apple's Disk Utility to burn copies.

On Windows, you will need a program to extract the files, like WinISO, or a CD recorder, like Nero, to burn it on a CD.

Burn copies! Distribute!

The voluntary pledge to help distribute this CD

The media is not telling us the truth about many things and the election is just one. We are being forced to come up with creative ways to get the truth out. This CD is one way to make it happen. It will only work if the "Copy Forward" principle is used. This is a method of distributing information, by which the people become the media by copying and forwarding information by hand, instead of corporations feeding us information through the television. If you feel these issues are important, please help make it happen.

You should have received this CD for free. Please continue to pass it on. By receiving this CD, you are asked to make a voluntary pledge to do the following:

  • Invite at least one other person to watch some of the videos on this CD with you.
  • Make at least three copies of the CD and give them to other people you think will watch them
  • Take at least one action to help the cause for election justice. Many simple action items and more involved volunteer opportunities can be found on this CD.

Instructions for copying and distributing this CD:

  1. Optional: check for an updated version here.
  2. Use a common CD burner and software to make an EXACT copy of this CD.
  3. CD label options:
    • Use your CD label software and import the GIF or JPG images found in the "images" directory on this CD.
    • Use your CD label software, create your own design. Please use the text found on this graphic
  4. Give the CD to people you think will watch it.
  5. Check in with them afterwards to see if the watched it and ask them if they made more copies and passed them on.
  6. Optional: Help us keep track of how many copies of this CD are going around by sending an email to [email protected] All we want to know is the state you live in, the version of the CD you copied, and how many copies of the CD you made.
A few notes about distributing the CD:
  • Keep in mind that the purpose of this CD is to reach out to people who are not already familiar with the problems with our election system. There are many Democrats who question the results but don't know the facts, and even some Republicans who are open minded and would agree that open and fair elections are important to our country. Please try to put this CD into the hands of these people.
  • Other people to consider giving copies of the CD:
    • Friends and relatives
    • Writers at your local newspaper
    • Your local election officials - including your Secretary of State, Director of Elections, and your town's election board
    • Your elected Representatives - for both local and national government
    • Radio talk show hosts
    • John Kerry and John Edwards
    • Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, John Conyers
    • Michael Moore, Al Franken, MoveOn

How can I get another a copy of this CD?
This CD is distributed primarily by people making copies and giving them to folks they know. If you are reading this, you should already have a copy of the CD. You are encouraged to make more copies. If your CD has become damaged or you need another fresh copy for any reason, please go to for more information.